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Haha.. good news to affiliate marketer. For those who are always playing with their affiliate links. You may noticed that sometimes, your link to some site with additional id at the end like this will make your target clicker obviously know that this is an affiliate link!!

Sometime they are afraid or will simply shy away when they see such link. One of the best way to avoid this is by using some redirection link. The best way on making the redirection link is by having your own domain and create a simple php script on a page with good url. These people won't be afraid to click some link like this

The only problem to have such kind of link is the cost of having domain and web hosting to host the redirection page. One of the cheap solution is using tinyurl at where your link will be spoofed into something like Since this method have been used widely, some people start to know that this should be an affiliate link and they still run away from it. And the link look bad too. who want to click on GDGSDAsywuDFHG?

Worry not!! I have one new great way for you. It is SimURL at The best thing is you can specify your url instead of using some random 'WERgfadsrwqWTET' letters by registering for SimURL+. You can choose your own link like unless the url have been grabbed by somebody else. And guess what? It's free!! and I have created one for me. One more added advantage of using this, you can also monitor how many click you have got thru this link. Even thou you are promoting via email. Isn't that great?

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