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    I'm blogging whatever I wanna share to my audience. Sometimes, I share with descriptions, or my personal opinion and sometimes I didn't, so you have to figure it out yourself. You can read it, digest it and do what ever you like. Do not always believe what you read. Use your brain to find out the truth.

I'm still finding my time to create my own template for the new blogger. Currently, I got busy with a lot of stuff to do... I'm still doing my friend's Flash based kiosk, assignment for my Linear Algebra class and waiting on my list is my Software Engineering project. Huh! real busy. That didn't include my office work... programming for the Intelligent Sensor. I hope I can have my time after all this stuff... I'm interested to make my own template since I'm involved in this blogging arena.

Owh... I got addicted to it. I hope I can create a nice blog that have full of information about my stuff. What are my stuff? Hmmm... this is not a secret anymore. I like many things about music, art, computers, programming, gadget, photography, extreme sports... and many more. I wish I will have it all blogged in my blogs but I didn't have time to fulfill it yet. Maybe soon when I have some relief in my schedule.

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