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    I'm blogging whatever I wanna share to my audience. Sometimes, I share with descriptions, or my personal opinion and sometimes I didn't, so you have to figure it out yourself. You can read it, digest it and do what ever you like. Do not always believe what you read. Use your brain to find out the truth.

I'm crawling on my way in building a better blog. Better for me means I have a great blog which have a great contents and the most important of all, have a lot of readers. Do you really care about who read your blog? I do. I always think like I am one of the reader of my blog. Then at that time I would comment on my blog. What is wrong here and there.

Anyway, currently I'm thinking about template that will suit my blog. Hmm.. is template really matters? Don't be afraid, because the answer is yes. I have read about this, posted by Darren Rowse on ProBlogger. Where he said, that his traffic from search engine doubled... just after changing the template? Seriously, is this really true? Owh.. I'm not going to be another Myth Buster to find out about this yet... heheh... What I'm going to do right now is, to experiment it myself (just like the Myth Buster guys do!)...

You can read all about this on ProBlogger to find out more. Plus (+) there is also an interview with Chris Pearson and Sarah Lewis who help Darren Rowse increase his blog traffic. And yet, the knowledge is free again... feel free to check it out here:
Is Your Blog Template Holding You Back?
and this is a quick link to Chris Pearson's post about
How I Increased Search Engine Traffic by 455% in One Month

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