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My UTM-EDI Circle

Posted by ApOgEE On 9:59 AM 3 comments

Wohooo... it's been a long lime I didn't visit my UTM-EDI Circles99 Community. It's still there with all my hardworking Moderators... Thank you very much to Rancid, Sadeq, Tokyu and even Wan Tapa for keeping this Community alive. I'll be there with you soon. Still trying to clear up everything here on my table... huh!

If you are one of the ex UTM-EDI franchise student and would like to join us there, feel free to leave your comment here and please tell me who you really are. Coz the community is restricted to all ex UTM-EDI students only.

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3 Response for the "My UTM-EDI Circle"

  1. see this forum

  2. ApOgEE says:

    Hi Digital Writer, I've visit the forum. Is it new? Hope it will grow soon. I'll love the torrent section... heheh

  3. MrGS says:

    Hello! Question, is UTM-EDI any different than regular EDI? Would I learn this difference if I were to undergo EDI training?