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  • Another blog by ApOgEE

    I'm blogging whatever I wanna share to my audience. Sometimes, I share with descriptions, or my personal opinion and sometimes I didn't, so you have to figure it out yourself. You can read it, digest it and do what ever you like. Do not always believe what you read. Use your brain to find out the truth.

Hi there! welcome to my personal blog. I'm posting everything that I like to post here. I'm thinkin that this blog should be my biggest 'rojak' blog ever. Hahahah! who cares? Anyway, If you like to share anything with me, simply leave your comment on this blog and I'll reply it soon.

Owh! one more thing, don't expect I'll be so serious here. If you want to read my better focused and reader friendly blog, feel free to visit my Art Of ApOgEE blog or Coder's Talk Blog...

Now in here, I'm the Boss!! You better get up on your boot on your feet. Until you got an old Skinhead Moonstompin... Are you ready?... (a dialog from Symarip's Skinhead Moonstomp song)... :D

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