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Minesweeper Cheat Code

Posted by ApOgEE On 10:48 AM 3 comments

Have you ever played Minesweeper? It is one of those free games pre-installed by default in every Microsoft Windows. Actually, it's not really fun for me but at least it's a game that can help me while I get bored, have nothing to do with no internet connection, and by that time I only have someone's PC with nothing installed. Then I'll pickup Minesweeper to fill my nothing-to-do time. Honestly, I'll prefer sketching if I have a pencil and a paper.

Anyway, the rules of Minesweeper is you have to find the Mines which you can guess their locations by the numbers. A number represent mines count around it. The simplest rule to understand it is take the number in the middle of 9 boxes like this:

| m | m | m |
| m | N | m |
| m | m | m |

The N represent the Number while m represent the possible mines position in the count of N. For example Number 3 represents three mines around the number like this.
| m | | |
| m | 3 | |
| | | m |

However, there is also a cheat code for this game. You can simply type 'xyzzy' then press and release [Shift] key. Now, you can continue to play as usual. The different is, you can get exactly where the mines is by paying attention to a single pixel on top left corner of your desktop. Everytime you hover your mouse on a mines, the white pixel will disappear and when there is no mines under your mouse pointer, the white pixel will appear. You can even show off this to someone who starring at you playing this game and they'll amazed. Have fun!!

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3 Response for the "Minesweeper Cheat Code"

  1. Nice tips of playing game.
    We need it to play, yes really play, in our hurry daily living.

    I have my own because answer for this issue on

    Thank Guys.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dah join ke biz prepaid mymode?

  3. ici says:'ve destroyed my fun time. huhuhu, everytime I got stuck I have this urge to use your little trick hermmpphh