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Have you ever bumped on a youtube video with this kind of title before? Do you think it is a hoax? no!! it's not... It is one of a youtube dirty SEO trick to grab the attention of those people who are searching for hot stories like this... but then, they put some political speech. That's how they wanna grab these people attention... The image shot on the video also looks real because they manipulate on how youtube take the snapshot of the video...

take a look here... is this the real video you are searching for?

congratulation to this guy who share the video... I'm an observer... I learn from observing others... hehehehe

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2 Response for the "Rahsia Ajai Terbongkar di Disco | Cium Raba Budak Sekolah"

  1. says:

    memang cam siall la trick SEO gini.. nyampah aku.. baek2 nak nengok menda btul.. last2 rupanya citer lain.. hahahha..

  2. AceOne118 says:

    Aiks! At first I thought got porn to see wan! hahahaha