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Another quick internet marketing tips is by social networking and one of the largest social networking site is myspace. However, you may wanna add more friends quickly and here's one of the best myspace friends adder that I currently found available for free.

join the club and add more friends... Feel free to add me as your friend too!! heheheh

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3 Response for the "Quick myspace friends adder for free!!"

  1. TJantunen says:

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  2. Existence says:


    I'm promoting a nice tool to help people do marketing over WEB 2.0 networks.

    MMM (the name of the tool) is the first Web 2.0 multi networks friend adder. It is a powerful tool to promote your music (or whatever you have to sell) on Myspace or any other WEB 2.0 networks?

    Myspace Marketing Manager is more than just another "Friend Adder" tool. By combining the power of Microsoft Excel and WEB 2.0 networks you can now do real marketing on the Internet. You can manage all your friends whether there are on Myspace, CQFD,, YouTube ou even Facebook!

    You can send add requests, comments and store all important information of your friends on your PC!

    Manage all your friends… in one place.

    Let me know what you think about it!


    Fran├žois from MMM

  3. Nathaniel says:

    found something awesome for automated friend adding and mass PMs which does it on ANY network. i've made some money with it. found it on google. it's called webdominator.