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Updating a Scrap Blog

Posted by ApOgEE On 10:18 AM 0 comments

I only got one reason for not updating this blog for quite sometime. I'm getting lazy!! Hehehe...

However, I'm trying to be more hardworking or 'rajin' in malay. Before this, I have so much to think before updating my blogs. Just because I wanted all my posts to be original and without duplicate contents.... blingbling... shiny... marvelous... and all the beautiful words that I can describe about it... I'm hoping all of you who come accross this blog can read and hopefully appreciate them. I hope those posts are useful for all my blog readers. But that make me think longer before posting anything. I have to do some research before I am able to post any damn thing in this 'scrap' blog!!.. WTF!!!

And the laziness did make me unable to do any single post... Every time I'm trying to do a post, I'm thinking and thinking and thinking... then fell asleep or have another thing to do then... And up until now, there is no post. And still, I can't make any 'great posts' yet...

Lesson Learned

Today, I learn something. I have to change my way of updating this blog. So, instead of thinking long before posting anything, I start my posting by typing something and then work on it. There maybe no useful story at all, or maybe useful only for 'some' readers. I know that I can't fulfill everybody needs. I'm just nobody.

Hmm... let's see if this way will work on me and I'm starting to update this blog more frequently. So, get ready my friend... and look for more scrappy stuff from me... hehehehe...

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