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CBox Is the 'Sibuk" place

Posted by ApOgEE On 1:38 PM 2 comments

'Sibuk' is a Malay word for busy. I think this word relates to CBox because I found that a lot of blogger are using this section to just getting busy on someone else's blog without ever relate to their contents. Sometimes I like people saying hi on my cbox on my blog. Yes, if they really come to my blog and write the comment by hand. But sometimes I found that these people are just bot, sending command to spam my cbox. They didn't actually come to my blog and their interest is just to put their link there and increase traffic to their blog.

Therefore, I'm hiding my cbox on that site and we will see if this cbox still got spammed or not. If I still got this 'fake messages' after I put it down, I can confirm that the cbox have been used for spammer using scripts or some applications, and I 'm gonna put down forever. Worry not to my fellow readers... Please use my comment area to leave your comment. And you'll still be loved... Heheheh

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Computer Hardware

Posted by ApOgEE On 9:56 PM 1 comments