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My Video Day...

Posted by ApOgEE On 2:12 PM 0 comments

Ngehehe... yesterday and today would be my video day. I've been watching Video Clips and DVD all day long. And it also takes until my morning time after I sent my wife to work. Lol... Actually, I'm developing my Reggae And SKA blog. Just for fun and love to see it grow bigger and bigger... hehehe... I'm posting all the related videos I found there and add some lyrics. Maybe I can add some pictures soon.

I like reggae and SKA music since I was in secondary school where I always tuning to Bob Marley's No Woman No Cry and The Madness - Rat Race and many more... all reggae and SKA. I like to go to gigs where I can meet more friends with the same interest. Owh, I don't have the pictures anymore... I'll try to find it and maybe I can post it later. Hanging around with those kind skinhead is so fun. But nowadays, I heard the younger skinhead is rude. I don't know the real story since I've never hang around with them anymore. My time have past already maa... I think they will laugh at me and say 'tua kutuk tak sadar diri!'... So, I'd better let them go larr. They also want to feel what I feel when I was young what...

So, I think its better for me to 'layan sorang²' with my online friends here on my blogs... ;D

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