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Super Mario on Guitar Solo

Posted by ApOgEE On 10:46 AM 2 comments

As my routine, checking other bloggers. I don't know why I got addicted to check on them. Maybe coz I like reading their post. They make me relax and have fun listening to others. Thank you everyone!

Today, I've stopped by and enjoy Super Mario Piano on SpookYgrace's Blog. Wow! that's cool! Then I'm surfing again until I've stumbled on another Super Mario played on Guitar. Whoaa! maybe this is my Super Mario day... This could be your super mario day too! So, enjoy this Super Mario songs solo using acoustic guitar...

And another Super Mario on guitar. He is tapping on two guitar, not bad!

This guitar players really makes me 'gian' and wanna play guitar again. But my beloved Fender have gone... (very sad lorr..) Now, I'm thinkin about buying another brand new guitar. Maybe a simple acoustic guitar will do...

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2 Response for the "Super Mario on Guitar Solo"

  1. MadCircle says:

    Doo doo doo doo doo doo..doo! LOL Brings back memories. Mario brothers was the best game on earth, then came super contra *gasp* I feel so old now!

  2. apogee.....
    i introduce to you one blogger also
    love to play guitar.....

    may be you both can exchange idea