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    I'm blogging whatever I wanna share to my audience. Sometimes, I share with descriptions, or my personal opinion and sometimes I didn't, so you have to figure it out yourself. You can read it, digest it and do what ever you like. Do not always believe what you read. Use your brain to find out the truth.

I like to jump from one blog to another. Reading what other people is blogging and getting to know who is the blogger. Guess what, I met this brilliant 13-years old kid named Carl on a blog called Let me call him 'New Kid On The Blog' a new band after 'New Kids On The Block' hehehe... just joking dude!

OK, I'm serious now. This 13 years old blogger is blogging about Make Money Online! Can you believe it? When I was at that age, I'm still on my way of finding my real attitude. And still with a lot of dreams, joy and play with friends without any idea of making money or even think about my future. I'm really impressed by this kid. He have a nice professional look blog with his own domain (shame on me! lol.. I didn't buy mine yet!). OK Carl, I'll change my template later. Haven't got my time yet.

Another great thing I found in his blog is his idea on review exchange. I believe some blogger have already know this but I didn't find who really implemented it and make it a big blast program like we've done with the TFX. I got load of traffic and my Technorati rank increase in a few days! So, I would like to invite all my fellow readers to join another traffic booster project called review exchange.

You can offer anything to your reviewer, but the most important thing is you must be able to give them a return review for their blog as the exchange. Take a look at the example on Carl's blog where he is giving his reviewer the chance to win his upcoming e-book. And the best thing is, your blog will be reviewed by him via his Technorati’s top 15,946 blog. Need more? Plus a free backlink to your blog with your own choice of anchor text.

Now, get up buddy! Fasten your mouse pad (err.. we didn't use seat belt, right?). Lets make some review exchange exercise and get another boost to your traffic. You can check out Carl's Review His Blog article for further details. See you there!

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