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Traffic, Traffic, more Traffic

Posted by ApOgEE On 5:32 PM 6 comments

In the last couple of days, I was playing around with techniques to increase traffic and rank of my blog. It goes pretty good since I got a lot of unique visitors and even my blog worth values increases rapidly from zero to something like $19k plus. Owh! that's awesome! You know somethin, I just started this blog really on the beginning of this month. This means the DoshDosh's Technorati Favorite eXchanges (TFX) experiment really works that out.

So, I hope to this success should not be the end of my traffic pulling experiment. There is more thing I can do to raise traffic to this blog without spending a penny. Really? I'm gonna prove that my friend... Actually, I would love to play with no dirty Black Hat that will make people hate me, no spamming on some forums to pull readers to my blog, no email hunting, no nothing... I'm sure, there is a way out there with just simple play around with techniques that can manipulate the big system who monopolize the internet traffic.

For those who are interested in my journey, you can simply Subscribe my feeds and wait for more things to do to get more traffic. Hmm... where am I going next? Currently, I'm thinking about aunt Alexa. Maybe she can help me to do something about it... I've heard Alexa is one of the huge system that I can play with in order to gain traffic and ranks. Then what the heck am I waiting for now? Have to grab on my Firefox and ride it to aunt Alexa's home. I'll share my journey there soon... See ya!

Now stop sleeping under that boob Fox.. lets go!

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6 Response for the "Traffic, Traffic, more Traffic"

  1. santa says:

    thanks for adding my blog into ur technorati favourites

  2. AceOne118 says:

    Is that technorati fav really works? I'm still thinking wanna do it anot.

  3. ApOgEE says:

    yo ace, yup! It really works lar! check out my blog rank on technorati.. guess what, this blog starts in the beginning of this month. Anyway, u have to think about the effort to also fave the others as well. Seem like it have attached to my routine now.. lol... Umm... you're welcome santa!

  4. Leyteño says:

    you can try my programs for you to gain traffic for your blog. visit my SELaplana blog for more info.

  5. Leyteño says:

    ah k. sorry for not telling you the URL of the programs...

    okay they are:

    (1) Free Banner Advertisement
    (2) Review Me Challenge and win

  6. Moua says:

    Thanks, you have favorited my blog on Technorati.