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Tagged for Crush Story

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Sorry for all my blogger friend who tagged me where I didn't reply yet. Especially to Vegemaster who may have waiting long enough (since April Ekekeke!)... I've got too busy lar. But I'm going to do it now.

I've been tagged by Vegemaster for my Crush story meh?... Can I say I've never had a crush? Hahahahampeh lol!... Honestly, I don't know exactly what is the Crush really means and I don't have that word in my dictionary. I've heard a lot of story about my friends having a crush and I'm sorry to say that they look childish. Not because I'm so oldish larr, but I don't like the way they goes with their imagination. Why don't they be more brave and just make friend with their 'so called' crush?. Maybe they can learn more about their crush then. Am I freak? Heheheh... Welcome to the Freakazoid world.

However, not to make you disappointing. I'll share this image of Orange Crush. It is a Pop Art done by Angela Richard. Check out her Pop Art review at NoHo Gallery LA.

Orange Crush Pop Art

That's all. And sorry again because I don't think I'm gonna tag other people for this. Thanks to all my blog readers who continuously support me and revisit my blog. For those who didn't know or didn't noticed that I love Art a lot. Feel free to visit my art blog at Art Of ApOgEE for more article about arts and graphic design.

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