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I'm still alive

Posted by ApOgEE On 1:17 PM 5 comments

It's been weeks that I didn't update this blog since I got too busy with all the things around me. I'm so sorry for those who tagged me and I didn't reply yet. Seems like all my blogs are getting slow and like dying... so I have to pour some water and keep it fresh again (I hope I can do this...)

I'm shocked to see my blog worth goes $0.00. Why? I still don't get it... maybe because technorati sees this blog as a dead blog (maybe!). Anyway, seems my authority for this blog is increasing... I'll get back after I know the problem soon.

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5 Response for the "I'm still alive"

  1. AceOne118 says:

    Hahaha! I can see your blog worth up and running already! Bravo! your blog so much. So far any buyer? kekeke

  2. AceOne118 says:

    Check this
    out. Can you link me?

  3. ApOgEE says:

    owh.. i can see that now too. I think there is something wrong in technorati where they detected my inactivity in this blog. just after i update this blog, it goes up again. I've link that bro. feel free to link back!

  4. AceOne118 says:

    Apogee! linked ledi! kekeke

  5. NOnoyss says:

    This guy is awesome.. within 2 month.. he just now rank 78 in technorati 100 top blog.. well done!!!

    (i've just notice when i searching for popular blog in technorati.. not bad!!)