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One of the tricks to get higher Adsense click rate is by properly blend your adsense ads with your blog post.

Adsense code in post body

While surfing around, I bumped on this nice article about how you can place the Adsense ads in your blogger post body. Actually, I have already know this but since then, I still don't have time to write a tutorial about it. However, this guy have done a great job to post a detail step by step to do it. The step is so simple where what you have to do is just get your Adsense code, change the some character to comply with XML and place them on your template. By doing this simple steps, you can have your adsense ads to blend with your post. Check out the article at AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body.

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2 Response for the "Placing Adsense code in post body of blogspot's blog"

  1. NiCe info, Quite long explanation...

  2. ApOgEE says:

    Heheheh... I blogged this coz there is lot of friends asking me on how to do it while I don't have time to write my own short version. :D