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    I'm blogging whatever I wanna share to my audience. Sometimes, I share with descriptions, or my personal opinion and sometimes I didn't, so you have to figure it out yourself. You can read it, digest it and do what ever you like. Do not always believe what you read. Use your brain to find out the truth.

My blog is worth $119,682.48.
How much is your blog worth?

Are you planning to sell your blog or website? I found a tip to evaluate your blog/website. Look, here is my blog worth for today. Based on Technorati rating.

Another way to evaluate your website price is to check them via SmartPageRank at Some people says that this site offer a more accurate pricing for your blog or website. They think like that because Google bought at the price of $1.65 Billion and if you check Youtube price in SmartPageRank, the price is also $1.6 Billion. However, since this blog have no pagerank, this blog price through SmartPageRank is $0.

Well, I think it is because this blog is not optimized yet for pagerank and I don't have enough time to do so. Currently, I just do some simple Technorati Project to increase this blog rank in Technorati. And I'm sure you can see my blog in the top 100 list on Technorati.

Feel free to check me out in the future where I will reveal my PageRank optimizing project.

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7 Response for the "Selling Your Website... How much your website worth?"

  1. AceOne118 says:

    Apogee, my new blog here pls link me. thks

  2. ApOgEE says:

    waaa.. got new domain haa? At last... Sure, I'll link it... ;D

  3. seshu says:

    all gives different ranks
    my site's worth is from 10$ to 2000$ on different engines.
    which one to believe?

  4. dex says:

    Thanks for the valuable info, when valuating a website you should also consider as it will give you a value based on every aspect of the fundamentals of a website except for revenue which is the only real way to work out a websites value.

    Monthly revenue times 6-12 depending on brand name, age and content is the true website market value which is why no website estimator online is accurate.

  5. Mauro says:

    nice, but do you know it's very good too.

  6. ApOgEE says:

    thanks for the info Mauro. I just stat my blog there and it worth $220. LOL :D

  7. karneval says:

    this is really very interesting to read. Tiger Kostüm